Old method of Heating


Electricity It is a very compact and efficient method, but has become very costly and due to power cuts, the suppliers are erratic and not at all reliable. Moreover one has to pay minimum charge bills irrespective of use. Huge deposits, at the time of New Electric connection.

Boiler/Thermo Packs

(Heat Carried by steam or thermic fluid to utility by long running insulated pipes) A space consuming, risk and very inefficient method. In practice the actual efficiency of these system is merely 40 to 50 %. The best boilers/Thermo packs are 86% efficient and the long running insulated pipelines, which carry steam, or heated thermic fluid with valves and pumps lose about 30 to 40 % energy, making the system quite inefficient. They are also hard to run and maintain. The use of wood is not good for environment. The fuels like LDO/FO have become costlier and hence these systems are now, costlier to install and run.

New method of Heating

Gas Fired Radiant Tube & RADIANT Panel Heating

These are gas fired radiant tube and panel heating systems. These systems have low installation cost, low running cost , easier to install, no security deposits to be deposited with the State Electricity Boards, highly efficient heating methods (efficiency 80 to 90%) and Cleaner surroundings. These systems are fired inside of utility and do not waste energy in transmission as in case of a boiler system.

Direct Fired Gas Burner Systems

These are mainly used where product of combustion so not harm the product to be treated. It is a very efficient, cost effective and clean method. New Gas Burners are made to run on low NOX /CO levels and hence are environment friendly, quite safe and economical to run and maintain.

Gas is the Fuel of Today

Gas is the fuel of the present time. It is clean and economical and upto 95% efficient with new Heating methods. Over and above gas fired direct heating systems cost much less as compared to Boiler/Thermo pack Systems. If such new methods of heating are used in place of old methods, there can be a cost saving of about 30 to 70%. The pay back of these systems works out in 4 to 8 months. This is a preposition, which cannot be ignored easily. One should try this method of heating in their organization and cut down the running cost of their processes.Of the heat processes in the industry, Process houses; Hotels & Restaurants can be economized to bring a great saving to the organization.

Utilities, Where Gas Fired Heating Can Be Beneficial

Any, electrical oven or Furnace.
Paint & Powder coating ovens.
Industrial washing machines in auto industry.
Food & catering equipments.
Food Processing, Water Heating & Steam generation in homes, Hotels, Restaurants & Pharma Industries.
Automobile Industries, Forgoing Units
Drying processes in industry, print drying on paper.