About Sigma Combustion Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

We are a company which is involved in bringing, new high-tech solutions in the field of gas fired heating for industries and commercial clients in India. We have converted many processes in industries to such new methods and the customers are enjoying the benefit of cost saving for years now.
New areas are being explored everyday to brings a cost saving and minimum maintenance hassles to run a process.
Our M.D. Mr. Santosh Kumar Dokey has been working in this field to bring about considerable reductions in energy cost to industries. He has exposed himself to various high-tech institutions and companies around the world and learned various new methods and material in the field of gas fired heating with an edge. He now is committed to share his knowledge in Indian Market and bring about a significant change in industrial process heating which will result in reduction in consumption of petroleum products and also wood & coal. With new methods there will be a reduction in environmental emissions.