This portable fire pot is a Gas Fired AALAAV , no more messy and smoky wood burning, just plug in gas and play .
Gives stable and controlled heat , consumes less than 500 grams of L.P.G per hour. with Flame supervision safety valve.
1. Gas fire pits can be burning at full capacity in less than 5 seconds and be turned off whenever you want– have a flame instantly with no hassle or wait time to extinguish.
2. Safe to use in slightly less ventilated areas where wood burning can be a hazard.
4. No sparks or hot embers in the wind with gas fire pits means no mess, no SMOKE and no ashes to be cleaned later.
5. Safe to use with your patio furniture, next to your pool, or on a wooden deck where a wood burning fire pit couldn’t go.
8. Provides both heat and ambience with an adjustable flame– control .